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Dr. Uddin will be looking for graduate students to start in the Fall of 2019.

Taylor Bolt accepts a post-doc position at Emory in the Keilholz Lab.

Catherine Burrows successfully defends her dissertation.

Dr. Shruti Vij accepts a post-doc position at the University of California San Diego Autism Center of Excellence.

Willa Voorhies accepts a Graduate School offer at the University of California Berkeley. 

Dr. Uddin receives 2017 USERN Prize in Medical Sciences. [link]

How individual differences in brain dynamics influence self-control when faced with temptation.

  • Dr. Uddin, Dr. Nomi, and Dr. Steimke discuss their recent research findings. [link]

Dr. Shruti Vij interviews Dr. Lucina Uddin for the OHBM Young Investigator Award 2017. 

  • Dr. Vij and Dr. Uddin discuss the making of the 2017 OHBM Young Investigator! [link]

Dr. Lucina Uddin receives 2017 OHBM Young Investigator award. [link]

 Dr. Shruti Vij interviews Dr. Damien Fair at OHBM 2017. 

  • Dr. Vij and Dr. Fair discuss future directions for neuroimaging, diversity, mentorship and more!  [link]

BCCL travels to vancouver for OHBM 2017.

  • Congratulations to all lab members who presented posters at OHBM 2017 and to Dr. Lucina Uddin for a successful symposium! [link]

Dr. Lucina Uddin earns Tenure. [link]

New study by UM psychologists reveals that brain signals in specific regions change over a lifespan in ways that might be important for maintaining flexibility. 

  • Dr. Jason Nomi, Dr. Aaron Heller and Dr. Lucina Uddin discuss their recent findings about brain development and aging. Read the journal article published in Journal of Neurosicence here: /doi.org/10.1523/. [link]

Dr. Lucina Uddin's new book describing the salience network of the human brain. [link]

Dynamic functional network connectivity reveals unique and overlapping profiles of insula subdivisions. [link]

 Dr. Lucina Uddin presents at Science on Screen, Coral Gables Art Cinema. [link]

New model of cognitive flexibility gives insight into autism spectrum disorder.  

  • Dina Dajani and Dr. Lucina Uddin discuss their model of cognitive flexibity and the insights it can provide into behavioal and neuropsychological disorders. Read the journal article here: doi: 10.1016. [link]

 Dr. Lucina Uddin awarded 2014 NARSAD Young Investigator Award.  [link]